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Welcome to my blog!! Mixed Media Techniques

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Symphony for Terra Firma original mixed media painting
Symphony for Terra Firma

Several of you have asked "How do you make your mixed media landscapes?". I'll tell you here!

I began my art career as a pastel and watercolor artist. I ventured into mixed media to learn new techniques and for something different. What I love about mixed media is the variety of, well, media! Lol! Also there is a great variety of

techniques one can use.

I started making mixed media landscapes with wallpaper samples 35 years ago. YES! 35 years ago! When I make my mixed media landscapes now I use watercolor paper that I paint and add texture with cardboard, fabric, stenciling and different mark making techniques.

But lets start at the beginning of a painting. First, I begin with a simple sketch on paper where I work out my composition and think about the color palette. Then I'll decide what size board I want to use. I use cradled wood panel which is great for collage. After finishing my sketch on paper, I'll draw it on the panel and refine the composition more.

Then having decided what color palette I want for this piece, I'll start playing with the watercolor paper. This is where I add paint and texture.

Next comes tracing my drawing on tracing paper, then cutting out all the little parts of the landscape drawing. I usually paint the sky in acrylic at this point.

Finally, I cut and tear the pieces out of my colored papers using my tracing paper patterns. Then I put all the pieces together with matte medium. I like using maps for my trees, I'll tear them out, paint using Alcohol Ink, then adhere it to the painting. Before I say it's done, I'll do some tweaking here and there with acrylic ink markers and paint.

Watch a video of my techniques here.

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