What are Pastels?

Pastels are wonderful creamy sticks of vibrant color.  They are mostly pigment, and one of the most enduring media there is.  It does not fade, yellow, flake or crack.  They are usually in a stick figure, dry and fabulous!!  I use my pastels on fine sanded paper very similar to sand paper from a hardware store.  My sanded papers are acid free and archival.  The sanded paper grips the pastel, allowing multiple layers of color. 

Mixed Media Techniques

Mixed Media Techniques

My whimsical mixed media art begins as a combination of collage (pieces of my painted papers, I sometimes use recipes, dictionary entries, old maps, sheet music, bingo cards, etc) & multiple layers of paint patterns (using household items & stencils I have made).  I then draw my main subject with ink, then paint either with acrylic paint or watercolor markers.

All Images Copyright 2021 Lisa Crisman

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