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In the magical village of MerryDust, imperfections and differences were embraced and celebrated.  Neighbors were not only neighbors, but family.  The village was full of Happy Wonky Homes and Happy Wonky Families. 

I'm beginning a new body of work which celebrates and embraces our beautiful flaws with whimsical joy.  I painted papers, tore them into the shape of my drawing, then stitched around some shapes with a sewing machine.  These were collaged onto panel after painting the sky in acrylic. 

I hope this painting brings you as much joy as it does me!!

The painting is 12x16 on cradled panel, ready to hang!

Happy Wonky Homes Happy Wonky Families


Original mixed media painting
12x16 inches 
Painted on wrap around archival wood panel
Ready to hang with d-rings and wire

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