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Your Happy Place

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

This video was shared in one of my recent newsletters. It shows a part of my happy place, which is basically anything to do with making art. I love painting, drawing and putting collage pieces of my painted papers together. Here are some videos and examples of my techniques. It's relaxing, energizing and blissful. When I have a finished piece that I love, it's especially rewarding. I try to make time for "my happy place" as often as possible. Something else that brings me incredible joy is hearing people like you tell me how my art makes them smile and gives them peace and happiness. When someone loves a piece of art enough that they want to take it home and live with it, that is the ultimate feeling of joy and fulfillment. Here are some of my customers testimonials.

After I sent the email with this video, I wondered about other peoples happy places. Is it a garden, just a walk outside, a concert with your favorite musician, a movie, a book, home, family? Where is YOUR happy place? We all need that comforting place wherever it may be. I read several articles about "happy places" and found this one that may help you to find your happy place (if you don't have one in mind). It helped me identify other places where I feel peace and joy.

Another happy place I know I share with many of you is looking at beautiful art. When you have a piece of art that just always makes you smile, that gives you joy every day, that's HAPPY! This painting above "Sunflowers for Elise" is something that makes me smile every time I see it. And I have a wonderful sense of joy and satisfaction knowing it does the same thing for the family in whose home it now resides.

Be happy. Often.

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