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My juicy Art Saint Louis Interview!

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

I was very excited to be interviewed by Art Saint Louis as part of their "Hope" exhibit. I say "Juicy" because there MUST be something juicy in there as Facebook refused to let me share the link! Lol! I promise it's PG!

There are also many other awesome artist interviews that all give you a glimpse into the life of an artist. I've copied the interview here. I hope you enjoy it!


Featured in Art Saint Louis’ virtual exhibit, “Hope” (February 1-April 1, 2021): Lisa Crisman, Maryland Heights, MO. “Happy Chasm.” 2020. Mixed Media Collage on Panel, 24”x18”. $525.

Artist’s statement: “I wanted to "build" this painting with collage and mixed media attempting to show the precarious heights we sometimes feel in life. Although the tree looks to be in a dangerous place, it is surviving and thriving in its place in the sun, which gives me HOPE for this world.”

About the artist: St. Louis based artist Lisa Crisman enjoys putting fun in her vibrant and whimsical mixed media paintings. Lisa orchestrates a variety of techniques, including collage, drawing, painting and mark making, creating a story in each piece. She is a member of Art Saint Louis, Greater St. Louis Art Association and Gateway Pastel Artists. Lisa exhibits her art in the St. Louis area as well as across the country.

Roxanne Phillips: Why do you make art?

Lisa Crisman: I believe I was meant to be an artist. It's all I ever wanted to do, even when life gets in the way and derails things. Something inside me loves and lives to create.

Lisa Crisman. ”The Road Less Traveled.” 2021. Mixed Media, Collage on Panel, 16”x20”. $395.

RP: What is the biggest point of inspiration for your artwork?

LC: I love the landscape and recreating my childhood stomping grounds. I'm also very driven by color. Obsessed with using vibrant, non-local color, I want my paintings to be an explosion of delight for the eyes and mind.

Lisa Crisman. ”A Good Place to Be.” 2020. Mixed Media, Collage on Panel, 12”x12”. $275.

RP: What is it about your preferred medium that you enjoy the most?

LC: Working with collage and mixed media is just incredibly fun! It's drawing, painting, pattern making, mark making, cutting, tearing, adhering the puzzle pieces and more. I think I love working with paper because it reminds me of making paper dolls as a child.

Lisa Crisman. ”Waves of Optimism.” 2021. Mixed Media,

Collage on Panel, 18”x24”. $525.

RP: What is it that you are most eager to convey through your art and how do you want the viewer to receive or interpret or your art?

LC: I am most eager to make an emotional connection with my art. I'm trying to say, "Here, this is joyful and full of love. Enjoy." No matter how corny that sounds, I want the viewer to see my art and feel that joy and love.

Lisa Crisman. ”TiltaWhirl.” 2021. Mixed Media, Collage on Panel, 18”x24”. $525.

RP: What is your preferred way to exhibit and sell your art?

LC: I enjoy showing and selling my work at art fairs and juried exhibitions across the country.

RP: What qualities attract you to other artists’ works?

LC: Probably the thing I connect with the most is the use of color. I'm in love with Jo Jasper Dean's vibrant paintings.

Lisa Crisman. ”Symphony for Terra Firma.” 2021. Mixed Media, Collage on Panel, 24”x18”. $525.

RP: What is your future creative life?

LC: Well, I hope to be painting up to my last day on this earth. I love learning new techniques. Someday, I'll go back to working with pastel.

RP: Has rejection ever affected your creative process? If so, how?

LC: Absolutely! Rejection cuts deep, even though you know not to take it personally. I've used rejection in the past to just practice improving. It's great motivation.


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